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A list of possible key performance indicators for determining which places are "higher up the scale" of Equal Opportunity for Every Child.

List of KPIs

This list needs work and many of the points need to be broken down further.

  • Access to education
  • Education system (public vs private vs mixed)
  • Quality of education system across each type (public and private, inc. quality of individual schools)
  • Children in poverty
  • Children under social protection (in other words due to abusive homes)
  • Happiness index at different ages
  • Access to extracurricular activities at a young age (for example, access to music lessons and sports)
  • Quality of food in schools
  • Quality of teachers (tenures, years of experience, pay, any job satisfaction surveys...)
  • Subjects taught (for example, sex ed, civics, philosophy...)
  • Quality of air (think: Beijing/China compared to Iceland and Canada)
  • Teenage pregnancies

Countries that would be interesting to compare

  • Norway vs United States