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A brief list of projects that you can involve yourself with.


I believe in Equal Opportunity for Every Child.


Take a picture of yourself holding a sign that says something along these lines:

  • "I support Equal Opportunity for Every Child."
  • "I believe in Equal Opportunity for Every Child."

Meritocracy in 100 words


Describe Meritocratic Democracy in 100 words. Your words.

Become an author for


Write articles and news content for

Alternative Strategies to fight Inequality


List of strategies to reduce inequality, started by Ed Chy.

Meritocracy Links

Essays, articles, videos and books that are relevant to our mission: Meritocracy Links

Meritocracy FAQ

Frequently asked questions regarding Meritocratic Democracy: Meritocracy FAQ

Some, possibly most, are already published on


List of key performance indicators for determining which places are "higher up the scale" of Equal Opportunity for Every Child: EOFEC KPI

Rebuild MeritocracyNow

Page: Rebuild MeritocracyNow

Switch from WordPress to simple static site setup.


List of project ideas that you can start:

Inheritance tax calculator

Calculating how much someone will inherit can be a complicated procedure due to the various tax deductions a government might offer for different circumstances. By building an inheritance tax calculator for your country you'll be helping us to work out how much people really do stand to inherit on average. You could build this calculator either using a spreadsheet or programming your own if you have the know-how.

State of Inheritance

A map showcasing the various de facto inheritance percentages around the world. Requires having calculators first due to the available tax deductions.

Answers database

Everyone is looking for answers to common problems that we face as a society. There are many groups ranging from political parties to activists that are offering answers - we should collect these into a database so that we can easily compare them. Example question to start with: "How would you solve poverty?" - then look at what the Liberal Democrats, Conservatives, Labour and others in the UK have to say. Building said database will also facilitate comparing their answers against the answers produced by meritocratic groups.

Top 400 Self-Made List

Similar to Forbes except excluding everyone that received inheritance, including "small" start-up capital such as $25,000.

Calculate and compare public investment in education and healthcare

If increasing inheritance or other taxes were to raise £100bn annually, what would that mean for the welfare state? How many children could be put through school for that amount? How many poverty-stricken families could be helped?

Top 10 Upcoming Heirs and Heiresses

Produce a list of the top 10 people who stand to inherit the most in the coming years.

Upcoming Heirs and Heiresses

Same as above, except expanding it to include as many people as we can learn about.

Existing Heirs and Heiresses

Same as above, except for those that have already inherited vast sums. E.g. Lily Safra.

Private property map

Find out who owns what in your locality.